Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Do you have a tree that is growing too close to your house?  Are some of your trees and plants growing too large and beginning to look bad?  Did you know there are different methods of trimming trees, and topping is not one of them?  We offer a complete line of ANSI standard tree trimming that can solve many issues and keep your trees healthy and beautiful.  We won’t just hack away at your trees; our certified arborist knows the correct way to trim trees to keep them in the best shape possible.  We also offer products that will help keep the trees from growing back and causing future problems.

Your Certified Arborist at 4 Seasons Arbor Service can help you choose the right tree trimming method to get your trees looking just how you want them while preserving optimal tree health.  Are you trying to prune the tree away from your house?  Are the branches hanging so low that you can’t walk under them without bending down?  Are you tired of your grass dying or not growing well under the canopy of the tree?  Does the tree have numerous dead, dying, diseased, or broken branches that need to be removed?  Is the tree getting too tall?  These are some of the many questions that your certified arborist will ask you to help you choose the best method of trimming for your tree.  Some of the tree trimming methods we use are: Crown Raising, Crown Thinning, Crown Cleaning, Crown Reduction, Overgrowth Removal, Pollarding, Vista Pruning, and Hazardous pruning.

Did you know there are certain tree species that must be trimmed only at certain times of the year to prevent attracting insect and disease problems?  Attentive, caring Certified Arborists know the biology of each species of tree and how to properly trim it.  Also, not every species can be trimmed the same way and different cuts are used on different trees? Your Certified Arborist at 4 Seasons Arbor Service can tell you about this as well. He is devoted to tree care: saving your trees, helping them look their best and stay healthy, and helping you to enjoy them.

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